WE KNOW FARM INSURANCE! Over 60% of our book are farm related accounts.  There are two key questions you need to ask yourself if you are looking to purchase or renew a current farm policy:
Question # 1:  Do you have an agent that knows what it takes to have a comprehensive farm policy?
  • Proper dwelling coverages
  • Farm personal property
  • Comprehensive blanket coverage
  • Outbuilding coverage to include wind/hail and special perils coverage
  • Work Comp coverage on employees
  • Associated auto coverage
  • Semi and truck coverage
  • Farm liability
  • Additional umbrella coverage
Of course there are multiple other coverages your farm will need from ranging from debri removal to hot hay to chemical drift coverage, however the goal of Chris Young Agency, LLC is to tailor each policy to the needs of the farm owner.  Once you combine that with exceptional service, you’ll definitely see the Chris Young Agency, LLC difference.
Question # 2:  Does that agent have the markets to support an effective quote?
At Chris Young Agency, LLC, we have worked extremely hard to provide the a menu of multiple carriers that can compete for your farm business.  These companies include:
  • Farmers Union Insurance (The second largest farm underwriter in Colorado)
  • Liberty Mutual Farm
  • SECURA Farm
  • Nationwide Farm
At Chris Young Agency, LLC, we definitely can answer both those questions with a resounding YES!  So whether you have a small hobby farm or a large commercial farm, we have the agent, the carrier and the service to meet any agricultural insurance need you might come across.  Click on the “Get a Quote” button and we will give you a call and help you obtain a new quote or review your current AG situation.