Business Liability: Is Your Business Protected?

Business Liability Insurance protects companies from claims of negligence or malpractice. There are a few types of liability coverage and we have highlighted them below. If you have any further questions, contact us today!


What is Business Liability Insurance?

Business Liability Insurance covers the legal costs and damages resulting from lawsuits claiming your business's actions or products caused harm to someone else. Without this coverage, lawsuits could bankrupt a company. Liability policies typically cover both legal defense costs and any settlements or judgments against the insured.

What does General Liability Insurance cover?

General Liability Insurance covers third-party bodily injury and property damage claims. This includes slips and falls on your business premises, as well as claims that your work or products caused damage to someone else's property. It covers the costs of defending lawsuits and pays settlements or judgments up to the policy limit.

Is Business Liability Insurance required?

Business Liability Insurance is not legally required for most businesses, but it is highly recommended. Some businesses, like contractors, may require liability coverage to obtain licensing or permits. Many businesses also cannot get loans or open business bank accounts without liability insurance. The risks and costs of lawsuits make liability coverage important for protecting companies of all sizes.

Do I need a separate policy for each type of Business Liability coverage?

No, you can typically get all necessary liability coverage in a single policy. The most common is a General Liability Insurance policy which includes coverage for third-party bodily injury and property damage claims. You can also add optional coverage like Professional Liability to protect against claims of errors or omissions. A single, comprehensive policy is more efficient and often more affordable than multiple separate policies.

Find the right business liability insurance for your needs.